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Voices of Brest Cancer





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This wide-ranging anthology from the Healing Project provides answers to practically anyone wondering What now? in the face of a breast cancer diagnosis. Patients, family and friends will find helpful information on everything from the emotional aspects of diagnosis and treatment to explanations of the different types of breast cancer. Boxes scattered throughout offer particularly good clinical information by Dr. Stephanie Bernik on everything from choosing a surgeon to the effect of chemotherapy on fertility. The breaking up of this information among personal essays, poems and meditations by patients and family members makes it easy to digest. While many writers tell of their shock and dismay at their diagnosis, there are more than a few wry laughs, too.


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Dogs & The Women Who Love Them

Dogs & the women who love them



Dogs & The Women

Who Love Them                

 When the nurturing nature of women meets the loyalty and unguarded affection of dogs, remarkable connections ensue. This book showcases stories about these connections that result in courageous and compassionate acts of love and healing — for the dogs, the women, and all the people whose lives they touch. Readers will laugh, smile, and be moved by shelter dogs, police canine handlers, dogs rescued from hurricanes and dog fighting, returning veterans in need of service dogs, prison inmates who train service dogs, and everyday mutts who transform lives just by providing an exuberant welcome at the end of the day. They'll even meet a dog that dazzled David Letterman on his Late Show. This heartwarming collection of stories is ideal for anyone who loves a dog, or simply loves to be inspired.