Interview with

the Sweet Potato Queen

Jill Conner Browne has written some of the funniest books I have read. Mind you, I may be a tiny bit biased because I am a Sweet Potato Queen Wannabe. If you don't want to be a Wannabe after you read The Sweet Potato Queens' Book of Love and its sequel, God Save the Sweet Potato Queens, then I am without enough words of condolence for you. And you guys -- you will definitely want to be a Spud Stud.

Browne has gathered her Southern wisdom, and that of her fellow Sweet Potato Queens, all named Tammy, in chapters on men, marriage and life, but with none of the sticky sweet primness of a Southern Belle. Browne is, after all, the Sweet Potato Queen and Fabulous Woman. The chapters of her books have names like: "Divorce, Dating Again, and Revirgination" and "Sex, Fritos, and The Talking Vagina." There is advice on how to get any man to do your bidding in the form of the true magic words, the Promise, and there are recipes for those days when plain chocolate is not enough. She will make you want to laugh out loud and rush to Jackson, Mississippi, for the St. Patrick's Day parade, dressed in sequins and a big red wig. If none of this makes sense, read the books first and then write me. And remember the Sweet Potato Queen's words to live by: Be Particular.


Lee May Interview

Author Interview with Lee May by Janice A. Farringer

"All life's lessons grow in the garden: Birth, nurturing, love, heartbreak, success, joy and so many more." -- from Gardening Life by Lee May

Author and journalist Lee May strides into a room and you know he is there. He is a tall, well dressed man over 50. I first saw him at a small town North Carolina book talk. The audience took to him right away. After all, we are all gardeners.